Reaction Capabilities

Over the years Ami Organics Ltd. has gained widespread experience with challenging reactions for the preparation of advance laboratory samples. In addition to general reactions, we are specialized in following reactions:
 Claisen Condensation  Beckmann Rearrangement  Halogenations
 Bouveault - Blanc Reaction  Catalytic reduction  Nitration
 Gabriel Synthesis  Condensations  Sandmeyer Reaction
 Japp - Klingemann Hydrazone Synthesis  Cyclization  Wolff Kishner Reduction
 Decarboxylation  Friedel-Craft Reaction  Bromination
 Wittig Reaction  Cyanation  Oxidation
 Addition Reaction  Diazotisation  Vilsmeier-Haack reaction
 Aldol Condensations  Coupling Reactions  Michael Additions
 Acetal Formation  Epoxidation  Carboxylation
 Alkylation Amination  Grignard Reaction  Dehalogenations
 Deprotection  Esterification  Formylation
 Hydrogenation  Hydrolysis  Mannich Reactions
 Negishi Coupling  Protection  Thionation
 Acylation  De-alkylation cleavage  Schiff base reaction
 Pinner synthesis